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15 Delicious Plant Powered Fruits!


Frozen Fruit Re-Invented!

Enjoy fruit a whole new way with Boreal Berry Farm PowerFruit™ Frozen Fruits, Smoothies, Lassis, Cereals, Desserts, Snacks and Sides.

We Got You Covered with PowerFruit™

Our sweet Flavorful sun-ripened Fruits are Naturally Boosted with Plant Probiotics, Adaptogens, and 22 Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals to help Power your Day.
With 5 servings of Fruit and Vegetable nutrition in just 1/2 cup, it's the Easy Way to Get your 5 A Day!

100% Natural Whole Food Nutrition

• Under 50 calories a serving
• Boosted with Natural Plant Vitamins and Minerals, Adaptogens + live Probiotics
• 25% RDA of 22 nutrients per serving
• Plant Based
• No Added Sugar
• Gluten Free
• Non GMO
• Bee Friendly Certified
• Canadian Family Farm
• Sustainable and Regenerative
• Recyclable Packaging
• Convenient Every Day Nutrition Made Easy!


We are an innovative farm and food company with one goal in mind. To help you Feel Good about Good Food that Tastes Good So go ahead! Indulge in deliciousness, knowing that you are doing yourself, and the planet good.


Convenient All in One Fast Blend Kits Ready in 30 Seconds!
Taste the Freshness! No pre-processed purees just Real Whole Fruit!

Zero prep • Zero waste • Zero effort!
Farm Crafted with Fresh Plant Based Ingredients

With all the benefits of PowerFruit™

+ Boreal Boost Pro™ Slow Release Energizing Plant Protein and Fiber blend

to keep you Full and Fuel you through the day

+ Plant Milk and Yogurt with live Probiotics to Boost Your Inner Biome!

Super Smoothies and Lassis

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Budget Friendly Solutions

Your 5 A Day the Easy Way! Nutrient packed PowerFruit saves the day!
Just 1/2 cup PowerFruit™ has

5 servings of fruit and veggie nutrition
+ live probiotics
+ adaptogens
+ 25% your RDA of 22 natural plant vitamins and minerals from whole foods.

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What is PowerFruit™?

With 5 servings of natural fruit and vegetable nutrition and 25% RDA of essential vitamins and minerals from whole foods in just 1/2 cup of our Powerfruit™, we got you covered for your fruit and veggies per day!

Delicious as always, PowerFruit™ fruits are immersed in Boreal Boost™, our natural nutrient booster made out of upcycled fruits and vegetables. Our natural nutrient booster adds nutrients and helps keep our fruit tasting as fresh as the day it was picked! Learn More >


Freshness Matters!

Ever wonder why fresh squeezed orange juice tastes so good?

It's the freshness! All the flavanones, the health protective and flavor compounds, are released when a fruit is blended or squeezed. After a short while, those benefits are lost, nutrient levels are lower, and the fruit is less flavorful.
Treat yourself well! Freshly blended with our convenient kits maximizes the nutrients and delicious-ness. Get the most from your food with our convenient Real Food You Can See Smoothies and Lassis with Real, Whole Fruit.

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