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We are a Canadian family farm providing natural and organic home grown goodness from our family to yours!

Our Good For you, Good For the Earth foods are farm crafted for mindful wellness.

Indulge in Goodness

With a large range of fruits, blends, smoothies, lassis, desserts, snacks and sides, our variety of healthy, delicious, freshly frozen fruits and berries are sure to delight with both function and flavor!

Try our decadent plant based Blueberry Acai brownies! 


1Ethical, sustainable, plant based foods ingredients grown and source packed with our field to fork commitment

2Innovating with new products on trend for convenience and accessibility

Bringing flavor and function to your family every day, with healthy, wholesome ingredients

Farm Crafted Foods

We believe happy foods are healthy foods! Food grown with care for the planet  produce the tastiest, most nutrient rich, and happy foods on earth.

At Boreal Berry Farm taking care of the earth is a delicious adventure! Join us in experiencing sustainable decadence with the most deliciously crafted food, grown and source packed for freshness and quality.

We bring delicious nutrient rich, planet friendly foods from responsible growers who care about the earth.

Helping you feel your best every day, with so many new ways to enjoy fruit at it’s peak!

Boreal Berry Farm….where fruit isn’t just fruit anymore!

Our farms are bee friendly




natural, regenerative and organic


 family farms


 that use solar and wind energy, and no till sustainable growing methods.


Helping you feel your best every day, with so many new ways to enjoy fruit at it’s peak!

Boreal Berry Farm…where fruit isn’t just fruit anymore!

Our Farm to Table Guarantee
Food grown on our farm is 100% natural, harvested fresh and packed within hours right on site to lock in flavor and nutrition for your table.
We are an authentic family farm, working to give you the very best food nature can provide.

This is as good as it gets!  Naturally grown,  Naturally delicious, From Our Family to yours.

Locally Grown ∙ Family Farm ∙ Non-GMO ∙ Gluten Free ∙ No Sugar ∙ Natural & Certified Organic ∙ Vegan ∙ Fair Trade ∙ Foodland Ontario ∙ Certified Bee Friendly ∙ Brand Canada

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