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Say No to Pre-Processed Purees with Boreal Berry Farm’s Smoothies!

Why are pre-processed purees a bad idea? Here’s how you can choose better – with smoothies! Read More

Maximize Nutrition and Skip the Pro-Processed Purees!

Maximize Nutrition and Skip the Pro-Processed Purees!

Freshly Blended is where it's at!

The nutrition, flavanones, antioxidants and wonderful flavors of the fruit are released during the blending process, making the flavors and nutrients easily bio available to you. 

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Are 30 Seconds Enough to Make a Delicious Smoothie and Get Your 5-a-Day?

Take the 30 Second Challenge and Find Out! Are 30 seconds enough to meet all the requirements of your 5-a-day plan? Boreal Berry Farm smoothies...

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