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Are 30 Seconds Enough to Make a Delicious Smoothie and Get Your 5-a-Day?

Take the 30 Second Challenge and Find Out!

Are 30 seconds enough to meet all the requirements of your 5-a-day plan? Boreal Berry Farm smoothies make this happen with freshly prepared fruits and vegetables. Let’s see how!

Consuming at least 5 fruits and vegetables daily is challenging, especially if you are on a tight schedule. Boreal Berry Farm Super Smoothies to the rescue! Specially prepared to be fast to blend, our pre-chopped and measured Super Smoothie blends have a 30-second prep time! These refreshingly thick, frothy & delicious Café Style blends are the fastest aand freshest way to get your morning smoothie. Made from farm-grown fruits and vegetables, these smoothies are all about taste, quality, and convenience. Packed with your 5 a Day Fruits and Vegetables in just one serving, a Boreal Berry Farm Super Smoothie has you well on your way to healthy eating!

Boreal Berry Farm products include whole food ingredients grown on their 600+ acre Northern Ontario farm. Produce includes blueberries, haskap, cherries, saskatoon, and more, and these are all packed for smoothies within two hours of picking. This quick packaging and freezing allow the flavor and nutrients to be locked within the fruit.

Freshly-Blended Smoothie In 3 Simple Steps

Wondering how to prepare Boreal Berry Farm’s Super Smoothie line? Don’t worry. We got your back! Prepping these smoothies takes no time, and can be done in less than 30 seconds. Unlike a pre-processed puree mix, you don’t need to thaw Boreal Berry products. And no need for juice, or milk/plant milk. Your delicious, healthy smoothie can be made in just three simple steps with just cold water or ice!


Unpack the product, and put the required amount in the blender. You don't need to wait for the item to unfreeze.


Add ice cubes/water to the mix


Blend for 30 seconds and pour into a glass to enjoy!


All this within 30 seconds! Don't believe us? Get a Boreal Berry Farm Smoothie pack and try the 30-second challenge yourself!

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