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Maximize Nutrition and Skip the Pro-Processed Purees!

Freshly Blended is where it's at!

Every wonder why freshly squeezed orange juice tastes so good?

A big part of the food experience - the flavor- is 80% smell. Our flavor sensation is 20% taste and 80%. The nutrition, flavanones, antioxidants and wonderful flavors of the fruit are released during the blending process, making the flavors and nutrients easily bio available to you. 

This is why freshly blended smoothies are better for you and faster than frozen pre- processed purees! Most pre-processed purees require you to wait for them to thaw, and many of these with added water Don't pay for  pre-processed water added purees..

At Boreal Super Smoothies, we believe that real food is the best fuel for your body. That's why we make our smoothies with only the freshest, real Whole food ingredients you can see. We don't use any pre-processed purees or concentrates - just fresh fruits and vegetables so that you can be sure you're getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Our smoothies are also free of added sugars, preservatives, and artificial flavors so you can enjoy a truly healthy snack. So come on over to Boreal Super Smoothies and get your daily dose of nutrition in a delicious smoothie made with real Whole food ingredients!

Boreal Berry Farm Smoothies

Since Boreal Berry Farm Smoothies use whole fruit ingredients instead of pre-made purees, it is perfect to create frothy, rich cafe-style drinks right at home. You can even choose from seven different flavors, including

  • Canadian Fruit Punch
  • Canadian Wild Berry
  • Acai Cocoa Mochi Latte
  • Vanilla Matcha Mochi Latte
  • Sangria Sunshine
  • Dragon Colada
  • Strawberry Acai Passion

Pop up smoothie bar anyone? We can make that happen!

All Boreal Berry Farm Smoothies are made with farm fresh natural ingredients. Their flash frozen, GMO-free, 100% natural ingredients allow you to taste the goodness of local farms right at your table!

Unlike many already processed smoothies, these products also contain no added water weight, meaning you get more product per pack than with a pre-made product. As a result, with 10oz Boreal Berry Farm Smoothie Kit, you get six servings of refreshingly frothy cafe-style delight!

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