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Say No to Pre-Processed Purees with Boreal Berry Farm’s Smoothies!

Smoothies = sugars and processed ingredients, right?

Well, not if you are drinking the smoothies from Boreal Berry Farm.

Don’t believe us? To ensure top-grade freshness, we use freshly packed ingredients used within two hours of picking! And as if you would need more reasons to buy them, these smoothies are available in classic flavors like “Wildberry” to more exotic blends like “Dragon Colada.”


Why Choose Boreal Berry Farm Smoothies?

Boreal Berry Farm Smoothies are sugar/additive/preservative free and use organic and GMO-free ingredients. Instead of pre-processed purées, the smoothies are freshly farm-crafted from 100% natural ingredients. Rich in antioxidants and omegas, these snacks are a delicious way to kick-start your day.

All Boreal Berry Farm’s smoothies are made from natural, whole fruit ingredients. Instead of using pre-processed purées, the company uses whole fruits grown on family farms. All Boreal Berry Farm smoothies are made with locally sourced ingredients in Canada.

To maximize flavor and nutrients in the smoothies and lassis, the farm uses a no-till, bee-friendly system. This natural farming system allows the farm to produce the juiciest and freshest produce. The brand craft the following range of delicious smoothies from these fruits:

  • Canadian Fruit Punch
  • Canadian Wild Berry
  • Acai Cocoa Mochi Latte
  • Vanilla Matcha Mochi Latte
  • Sangria Sunshine
  • Dragon Colada
  • Strawberry Acai Passion

Boreal Berry Farm Smoothies are made using a wide range of fruits. In addition to popular varieties like strawberry, blueberry, and peaches, the brand offers more exotic variants for that extra kick. With a 10 oz pack, you may find fruits and berries like Aronia, sea buckthorn, haskap, and saskatoon berries listed on the package. In addition, a pack of this size will offer up to 6 refreshing servings of your favorite smoothie.

Choose Something Different with Boreal Berry Farm Lassis

If you are tired of trying the same old flavors with your drinks and snacks, you can even try the brand’s lassis. A traditional South-Asian drink, this lassi is made using plant based oat and coconut yogurt. A highly nutritional drink, lassi offer several health benefits, including

  • Maintaining electrolyte balance
  • Immunity boosting
  • Improved gut health, leading to fewer intestinal issues
  • Stronger bones
  • Balancing cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Improved hydration

Boreal Berry Farm’s lassi range adds to these benefits by including antioxidant-rich ingredients like blackberry, raspberry, mango, and more. As a result, each pack of the brand’s artisanal lassi offers you a nutrient-rich blend containing essential healthy fats and minerals like vitamins A, C, K, D, and E.

Our lassi line includes:

      Mango Lassi

      Strawberry Dragon Lassi

      (list rest)

In keeping with our brand values, Boreal Berry Farm Lassi is made from plant-based yogurt. The yogurt comes from refreshing oat and coconut milk containing nutrient-rich, healthy probiotics. Preparing these lassis is as effortless as prepping our smoothies. You only need to add water to the mix, blend well, and voila, your deliciously creamy (and healthy) plant-based lassi is ready!

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